A Message From Our Founder.
Does Digital Finger Community Make The Best Fit For Products and Service-Industry?

During the Establishment of Digital Finger Community in 2017, we focused on one of the key skills: Recruitment in the Digital Sector At that time, Products, Service and Repair ecosystem were very small and the service-industry is different from what we see now. We were pioneers.

So after 5 years, our knowledge of this confusing sector is probably the second one.

Digital Service and Repair Industry:
From 2014, CLICKSEBA.COM combines all types of service together with a vision to get the service easier and closer to the people. Starting from Air conditioning service, we provide all types of repair and maintenance service for your Air conditioning system. We also provide Home appliances service, Electrical service, Interior decoration and painting and many more service. Combine all types of service together with a vision to get the service easier and closer to the people. We provide individual service, contract basis service and also monthly package service.

All of our technicians are well trained and experienced. They also equipped with modern tools and Technics for solving any kind of minor or major problems in that field. Before problem solve necessary consulting and steps are taken by our expertise all of the work are monitored and collect feedback from customers for future improvement.

Professional & Ethical Responsibility:
CLICKSEBA.COM is providing Door to Door services, which are affordable and with ensured quality. We make services so simple that you are just one phone call away from getting the best services in Bangladesh.

Our Values and Beliefs:
Our job is to attract the best talent, and convince the right candidate that this move is the right one to make. In our view, a candidate’s belief system is going to have a powerful impact on her or his capacity to accompany change, and progress with confidence and efficiency into the context generated by the fast-moving of innovation and service-industry market turnover. One of the key points we need to evaluate is the belief that change brings opportunities – not threats.

This is why the human axis of the interviewing process is so fundamental to our strategy. Building a trusting and mutually respectful relationship will bring us a more subtle and deeper perception of the candidate’s expectations. Bringing to the surface a deeper grasp of the future employer; helping the candidate to understand the client’s characteristic qualities – the brand and corporate culture – all these steps within our strategy aim to engage the candidate in this specific project, and shape affinities with the new employer.

Our Consultants:
When I founded our practice, I was determined that service industry would stand for something more than highly skilled use of tools: a team of consultants would be present, advise and accompany the entire recruitment process, from start to finish – not relegating parts of the job to computer programs, and certainly not without real-life meetings and human interaction. Thanks to our constant processes of in-house training and coaching, our consultants participate in an approach which efficiently uses the latest tools, but goes beyond them – deploying active listening, deep empathy and open dialogue with every candidate. Our goal is to build a relationship of trust and goodwill with all our candidates, an open state of mind which deepens along the entire process of assessing talent and potential.

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Digital Finger Community
Zahidul Alam Rubel
CEO and Founder