The Story of Digital Finger Community Founder. Zahidul Alam Rubel has been involved in offline technology business since 2008 and online internet business since 2015. He is a well-read technology enthusiast in the technology business and believes that the possibilities in this modern age are endless.
In 2015, he decided to quit his job and solve a problem for the urban population – working with professional handmen on a daily basis. These handymen / service providers mostly charge uncertain and uncertain prices. Zahidul Alam Rubel began to look for the root cause of these problems when he realized that the biggest problem was the lack of growth opportunities for these service providers. Most of them had no fixed income and no opportunity to develop their skills.
He decided to focus on changing the mindset of service providers and training them to become entrepreneurs, which he believes will ultimately lead to top quality customer service. He gave life to this idea and named it “Digital Finger Community“.
His Established Companies: DFC Sister Concern- –
Digital Finger Community (DFC) Sister Concern is a separate venture owned by the same owner / corporate. The activities of these sister concerns do not have any connection with the operations of each other’s business. This, except for their common owners, Legally and financially they are not related to each other.
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